Saturday August 22, 2020

There are things, actually repeated by business owners.

That’s something pretty much everyone did, but this is your chance to be a step ahead.

It’s all about how you face decisions…


When you’re just starting, the temptation to go cheap, ask for low price get as many clients as possible, etc…

This will set your reputation as the low hanging fruit.

It can be your business model, but it will be incredibly difficult to pivot to high ticket.

So, if you’re planning to be the Walmart of your job, it’s ok.

Otherwise, start with a low price, in exchange for a testimonial, for instance.


It happens to everyone, but it can be overcome.

You’ll always hear a little voice whispering “who are you to say this to other people?”.

As usual, is brain trying to “save you”.

It is, somehow, right: you’ll get exposed to any kind of people, with their “humany” feelings.

Grudge, envy, frustration… you name it!

But if you know to know, say it, welcome and use at your advantage any kind of feedback.

Remember that if you don’t say it, you’re just not letting someone else know it.


Pretty much like imposter syndrome, your brain will try to save you (from sabertooth tigers, for what it knows…).

Its job is to avoid dangers and you doing something means danger.

One of it’s weapons (and a very effective one…) is laziness.

It will force you to not do things (gym, work, drink more water, etc…) making you believe it’s your idea and a very rational, legit one.

It’ll make way more sense to not do it.

The other weapon is perfectionism: you’ll want something to be perfect before you show it to the world.

It doesn’t have to be: just make it nice enough and deliver.

Delivering stuff is the most important part.

Sprint toward what you want and don’t ever look back. Ever.

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