Hi, I’m Nanci, your brand strategist

Hi, I’m

from Milan, Italy.

I help personal brands build a better relationship with social media marketing.

Definitely a workaholic and addicted to Instagram.

I just love it!

I remember being more interested in commercials, while other kids liked cartoons…

… and that’s why I became a graduated art director in 2005!

I desperately tried to get into the advertising agencies world.
I didn’t receive warm welcomes, nor got any signals for one year (for a darn internship). I couldn’t waste any more time.
So I started working with my cousin, in his web agency.
Fell in love with programming and after a bad (and sad) case of mobbing, I started freelancing, as a web designer and developer.

I’d better say just “lancing”, since here in Italy the “free” part is totally out of the picture…
BTW, when I started dealing with clients directly, I noticed there was something wrong going on: it was all a big “I like that color” and “make my logo bigger” rave party.

No strategy, no vision, no business goal in mind, if not me throwing some pixie dust and make everyone suddenly wanna buy from them.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that.

And if someone asks you money, claiming to be able to do so, run. It’s a trap!

Business goals are necessary

Still obsessed with commercials (my favorite event ever was THE NIGHT OF THE AD EATERS: 2008 in Milan: 6 hours of commercials) I use my art direction skills on Instagram.

No one cares about you.

Since you took the time to read my story, let me reciprocate.

Let me help you create your story.

First thing first, even if you might hate me after saying it and close the website, this is the harsh truth: no one cares about you.

And by you, I mean everyone. We’re so wrapped up in our thing, so busy defending from non required info… it’s too much and 99% of marketing messages, seem to be interested in our money only.

Now, tell me about you!

How can I help your personal brand with social media marketing?

Connect with me on Instagram and let me know!

All we want is someone who cares enough to help, who wants to bring us to a better place, a better life.

So, if you can do this, your customers will love you.

But still, you have to get your message to people, to find customers.

And this is what I can help you with.

Check out The Social Deal, a monthly editorial calendar, so you’ll know what to post, every day of the month, to connect with more followers.

Aspire to inspire