Let me ask you one thing: why do you want more followers?

Even more: what would be better, if you had more followers?

There’s no easy way to say this, but… you don’t need more followers.

If your goal is to impress “someone”, you might wanna close this page and buy them, but…

… if you’re running a business, you don’t need 1,000 followers.

Because 1,000 people (better, accounts) that simply ignore your posts, will just hurt you.

If you get a lot of followers on Instagram, you need a lot of comments too

That’s how the algorithm can influence your Instagram marketing.

If your followers count is high, but your posts are being ignored, the algorithm will get suspicious.

And it will happen, if your followers are bought and not acquired organically.

Bought followers on Instagram

I was a bought follower once and let me tell you how it works.

My goal was to collect points and get the Facebook credits, to use for Ads.

Among tasks, there were apps to install, games to play (that’s why I got addicted to Candy Crush…) and follow Instagram accounts.

200 points, so yeah, let’s do it!

As soon as the points were counted, I unfollowed the account, but 2 or 3 I forgot.

Basically, they paid to get followers that immediately unfollowed or followers that completely forgot about them.

That said, let’s see what you actually need on Instagram.

The safe way to get more followers on Instagram

I promise, your followers on Instagram will be a lot.

At some point, after a lot of posts and interactions.

And that’s actually what you want, if you have a business.

You want raving fans, not just accounts following!

Real people, waiting for you to post something.

People who will come to your party, not only a huge amount of invitations sent.

Because Instagram is just like a party.

Act like you would do at a party, B!

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