Friday July 3, 2020

One of the most confusing parts of Instagram marketing is certainlynthe usage of hashtags.

They’re such a not human concept that you need a programmer to translate (yes, I became a programmer too in my life and a darn good one…).

Let me do it for you, then!

Why hashtags are important

Imagine hashtags as labels.

The algorithm needs hashtags more than humans do and they’re good for categorizing posts.

Imagine the algorithm like a librarian organizing a library. A huge one

Under the hashtag “cat”, you’re gonna find pictures of cats.

That’s it.

Why hashtags are important

A secret that Instagram programmers don’t want you to know, is that the algorithm learns thanks to the hashtags we use.

It’s learning to “see” our photos, recognize what’s in them and that’s the so called A.i.

When hashtags go wrong

For Instance, if you use #kimkardashian for a cat picture, the algorithm will know that you’re lying and there’s not her in that photo.

You’re just trying to be noticed using a popular hashtag that’s got nothing to do with the photo, so the algorithm will “flag” your account (in its own notes, you won’t know it).

Same if you use a hashtag used for stuff that goes against the guidelines.

The famous “shadowbanning” and your visibility will drop.

Check on the hashtag you wanna use by searching it, clicking on it and a warning would appear at the top.

What hashtags should you use

You may or may not know it, but Instagram itself told us what the heck to do with hashtags.

The last bullet point says

“You can use up to 30 tags on a post. If you include more than 30 tags on a single photo/video, your comment won’t post.”

Let me talk in a more “humany” way…

Replace the “You can” with “you must”. Use them all 39.

The algorithm kinda need you to do that, but they’ll never admit that it needs something from humans.

But if you use all 30, it’ll be happy and make your life easier.

What hashtags you should use

One thing you shouldn’t do is using more than 5 industry hashtags.

Doing this will attract your peers who will never buy from you.

Use community hashtags that your Ideal Client would use, like #buildalifeyoulove or #findyourflock.

Where do hashtags go

Always from the bullet point mentioned before, Instagram says

your comment won’t post

It’s basically telling you to put them in a comment.

Because if you leave them in the caption and are more than 30, the whole photo/video won’t post, which is even worse than a comment not posting.

Take it as a clear hint on where should hashtags go, B…

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