In case you’re thinking “but I don’t wanna exclude others!”, don’t worry.

Not even a judge and the police can exclude someone from your life..

Your branding certainly won’t be able to.

Quite the opposite is true, actually..

Here you can download The Ideal Guy, my free template to write your Ideal Client’s story.

What is the Ideal Client good for

You wanna write a whole story about your Ideal Client, not just an “identity card”..

That’s because we’re made to remember stories, more than mere data.

And the reason why you wanna remember the story is because it will help you think about that person, when you create your content.

Using that story, your brain will create the image of a real person, so you’ll be able to talk to that person and write (or record a video) like that person will enjoy.

Defining an Ideal Client will bring you more clients

The analogy I always use is bowling.

When you throw the ball, you’re not aiming at all the pins, right?.

You focus on 1 or 2 and, falling, they will make the other pins fall.

Or we can use the target too.

You aim at the small circle in the center, but end up hitting one of the bigger ones.

We also have the nucleus effect: everything gravitating around will be affected.

Download The Ideal Guy, a template to write your ideal customer Avatar’s story and know that person like if it was your best friend.

The point of defining an Ideal Client

Might sound weird, but if you imagine yourself talking to a specific person, you’ll talk like that person would like and understand.

This way, all the people who like and understand that way of talking will like and understand what you say..

Which may or may not be in a professional style, but that depends on the way you decided to market your business.

All the content you create, from colors to words, will be perfectly tailored for that person.

Better, that kind of person, because everyone who is gravitating around that style will be attracted,

Like a movie or a series, designed for one singular kind of viewer, but able to crowd theaters..

Basically, be your industry’s Netflix, B!

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