When you start a social media account, sure that customers will find you and thank the Lord you exist…

It doesn’t happen right away, so you start creating content, keep on posting, talking, trying to promote your business and what you hear back is just… crickets.

Yes, B, there’s a secret to find customers on socials.


The secret is that you shouldn’t expect them to find you.

It’s actually the exact opposite: you must find them.

And you can, if you know who your ideal customer Avatar is.

If you know who you’re talking to, you’ll also know what this person does, where he/she hangs out, interests, etc…

Even if it’s completely made up, stay safe that this person actually exist. We’re almost 8 billion people!

That’s why you wanna know everything about this person.

Download The Ideal Guy, a template to write your ideal customer Avatar’s story and decide what this person is made of.


The thing is that if you talk “in general”, no one will actually be hit by what you say.

The best analogy I can give you (and I’m the analogy queen…) is the bowling.

When you hit a strike, you don’t aim at all the pins.

You aim at THE ONE pin that, by physics, when hit will make every other pin fall down.

And it does, by science.

We all have models, we all follow someone else’s steps.

Having a conversation with one person is way more effective and way easier than giving a generic presentation.

So, expect many others, who are not at all your ideal customer, to be attracted by your content.

And, like this, make your social media marketing work, for real.

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