You maybe choose Instagram to market your business.

Or maybe just had a great business idea and wanna start it with a good marketing strategy.

In both cases, there’s one thing you must do, before starting.

Choose an Ideal Client and start from that person.


Once you’ve got clear, in your mind, who that person is, you’re half way.

Market your business to the Ideal Client

The reason why you want an Ideal Client is to create content for that person.

This way, you’ll be able to shape your whole online presence for that person.

This way that person will like your business..

Market your business playing on your competitor

The safest way to market your business is shaping it on what your competitor’s customers are not happy about.

Might be the price, but you don’t wanna start a pricing war.

So, find out what the person you’d be happy to work with doesn’t like about your competitor..

Are the shop assistants grumpy? Have cheerful assistants in your shop.

Is their online customer assistance slow? Have an instant chat app on your website.

Is their content confusionary? Take it, rewrite it and reorder.

Do they use a lot of “industry slang”? Say the same things in an easier way..

How to market your business on Instagram

Instagram gives you an interesting vantage point.

Unless your followers have private accounts, you can “spy” on them.

You can analyze their accounts and find out pretty much everything.

Another thing you can do is to look at your competitor’s followers and look at those who could be similar to your Ideal Customer.

And if there’s one thing people love doing on social media is complaining..

Your competitor’s followers might be writing complaining comments.

And you should totally use those informations

Instead of copying, use your competitor, B!

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