That’s the first thing that happens, when you have a business idea.

A little voice, in your head, relentlessly whispering “yeah, but…”.

It usually comes down to you not being enough.

Experienced, good looking, stylish, rich, tech savvy, smart, funny, you name it…

Sorry to break it to “it” (referring to your ego), but you are enough.

The imposter syndrome makes you feel guilty

The main goal of your ego is to keep you safe and sound.

It would be like buying a cat, for someone allergic (very trivial analogy, but incredibly precise)

It just can’t let you do it, so the best idea is to overwhelm your mind with doubts that will submerge your business idea.

So you won’t try to get out of the cave and be killed by a sabertooth tiger (that’s exactly what it thinks will happen…)..

Imposter syndrome is thinking you’re not the best

Breaking news: you don’t have to be the best at what you do to run a successful business.

If your ego repeats “but you’re not enough…”, you’ll get to the conclusion you’re not like others who you think are enough.

And, even worse, you’ll compare yourself with those your mentors.

To you, they’re probably the best and since you’re not at their level, you’re not the best, so you can’t.

But being “the best” is not good for everyone.

Imposter Syndrome doesn’t take levels in account

Let’s say that your mentor is at level 5 of your industry.

Let’s say you’re at level 1.

Someone who’s at level 0, will not find any value in your mentor.

That’s too far from where they are, so they’d prefer you, level 1.

And your mentor probably won’t remember how it’s like to be at level 0.

As science has demonstrated, our memories get distorted by our current events.

You’re definitely enough to, at least, beginners.

One of them could be your Ideal Client, B!

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