Wednesday August 12, 2020

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened, you know?

If I stayed in my 9to5 (which was actually 9to8, but that’s another story…), with a safe salary, executing someone else’s decisions, waiting for the weekend…

I honestly still wait for the weekend, because everyone else will be busy having fun and I can work without being interrupted, but that’s another story…


This is something no one should have, because, as Jasmine Star says, it’s just procrastination in disguise.

You will basically assume you’re doing a good thing, making something better and better.

You know what, B? It is better just the way it is now.

Read proof, sure. Review a graphic? Not a bad idea. Re listen to audio of your course? Better not to.

These were the things I delivered or not delivered: read proof is good, audio will always have something “not quite right”.


It doesn’t mean you’ll sell like crazy, immediately, whatever you put out.

Quite the opposite, indeed.

Many will tell you “no” or completely ignore you.

You might even be insulted, for no reason.

Never be intimidated by them, whatever they say.

If there’s something interesting in the feedback you receive, use it and work on it.

Otherwise, it’s a mere hater, so just reply with a polite “thank you so much for the comment!” and move on.


If you’re not different in how you do things, you’ll never stand out.

Because what you do is probably the same thing that another thousand do.

Only how you do it is the only thing that can help you stand out.

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