Thursday December 16, 2021

If you’re thinking “Hashtags don’t work for me, my engagement is still low. I must be using the wrong ones.”, think again.

Hashtags don’t bring engagement

Hashtags make your post get discovered.

Like a colored dress at a funeral, where everyone is wearing black.

They can only make you stand out in the crowd.

Which is an awesome thing, if you think about it.

Engagement is not hashtag’s duty

Getting someone to engage with your post is your content’s job.

First thing first, your hashtags must be relevant to your post, to meet people’s interest.

But, the post may not be interesting to those seeing it.

The hashtags make sense with their interests, but actually they don’t find the post interesting enough to leave a comment.

The secret to hashtags that work

I basically just told you what the secret is, but let me clarify.

Hashtags will help you get discovered, but an interesting/helpful/funny post only, can bring you engagement.

So, prepare super engaging content first, then prepare your hashtags.

But remember: you get the engagement you give…

So, go out there and engage like crazy!

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